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Bespoke Holistic Scented Handmade Products

Bags of Lavender first took up their tools early in 2017 following almost 40 years of a nursing career. The caring ethical ethos behind the brand is using the knowledge and skills learnt during these years to create bespoke products. These help relax, heal and comfort for both the individual customer and the wellness industry.


Our core products

Available in a wide range of fabrics

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Blue Zodiac and Pink Clothes Retail Shop

Wheat Bags

Unscented or with added organic English Lavender

Eye Pillows

Therapeutically weighted and available in our full range of essential oil blends

eye masks.jpg

Eye Masks

Lightweight sleep/travel masks available in our full range of essential oil blends

Fiddle Bags
(Anxiety relief Bags)

Custom made to order please contact us for design options,


Our other products

Available in a wide range of designs and fabrics


Citronella Bags

Insect repellent hanging Bags

Our popular summer range of mixed Citronella/Eucalyptus bags for those who like the great outdoors. Camping, Glamping, Caravan touring, Walking, Stalking or Fishing. Midges & Mosquitoes hate the smell so you can hang them up by any window or door, or carry them in a pocket as a deterrent.

Lavender bags

Lavender or Rose scented

We have a large range of hanging Lavender bags and sachets, which can be used to neutralise odours and are particularly useful to help prevent moths from attacking your clothes. Lavender also helps with sleep and relaxation so these bags can be useful anywhere in the bedroom.
Single or multiple packs which makes them ideal as an inexpensive thank you gift.


Little Bags of Christmas

Available in a choice of fabrics, shapes and scents

An opportunity to enhance all those lovely smells we associate with Christmas, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Sweet Orange with our "Little Bags of Christmas". Hang them on your tree or put them near a radiator and let the heat distribute the aromas all around your home.
Sold as Single item or in themed multi-packs.


Our choice of scents

Lavender scent.JPG


(Lavender Augustifolia)

Lavender can reduce anxiety and the feeling of 'Stress' by calming the mind and promoting and improving sleep. It works with brain chemistry and is thought to help regulate adrenaline (the stress hormone) and dopamine levels helping to balance emotions. It can also enhance meditation.


(Camomile Roman)

Camomile can reduce the feeling of irritability by easing tension and balancing emotions, improving mood and relaxation. It can also lift spirits and increase wellbeing feelings.

It is safe for most allergy sufferers and children but is not to be used in pregnancy.

Orange scent.JPG

Sweet Orange

(Citrus Sinensis)

The scent of Sweet orange can ease anxiety and help lift the mood and energy levels and help in regulating appetite. It is also  thought to support a healthy liver function


( Rose Damascena)

Rose oil has anti inflammatory properties and is thought to help with pain symptoms and female hormonal symptoms eg PMT and heavy periods. It can be a calming or uplifting scent depending on need, boosting self esteem and confidence and increasing libido, It can act as a stimulant when fatigued and improve concentration.

rose scent.jpg
Mint scent.JPG


(Mentha x piperita)

Peppermint can be very effective in reducing the severity of headaches. migrains, sinus pain and head colds. Also useful for the symptoms of nausea and indigestion.


Our range of bespoke essential oil blends

Inv New.jpg


A refreshing blend to boost your mood and energy levels during the day. It contains uplifting and stimulating  Lemongrass, Silver Fir and Ravensara. These oils have been carefully selected to energise , improve circulation and release energy. A perfect pick-me-up to be used during the day especially after the lunchtime dip (Circadian rhythm)

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus), Silver Fir (Ablie alba),

Ravensara (Ravensa aromatica)


A comforting blend of Bergamot, Geranium, Copaiba Balsam and Cedarwood Atlas, which provides reassurance and support in times of loss, heartache, bereavement and situations of extreme stress. 

Bergamot (Citrus bergmia) is a calming oil which helps give hope in times of  despair and helps prevent  the body and mind from closing down completely. 

Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) is a  nurturing essential oil - helping with the symptoms of heartache. 

Copiaba (Copaifera officinalis) is grounding and calming to the central nervous system  following traumatic events.

Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) is a reassuring oil and can support  mental health healing.

ADD new.jpg


A blend to help support those with addictions to relax, overcome the addiction and break free. It can be used any time throughout the day to provide support in moments of need.

Marjoram (Origanum majorana) is soothing and healing helping to  promote perseverance and inner confidence.

Petitgrain (Citrus aurantium varamara) oil helps to release anger and agitation, increasing inner strength and courage. Clary Sage (Satvia sclarea) helps balances the moods, releasing tension and anxiety to increase positivity and happiness


Uplifting Grapefruit essential oil (Citrus paradisii) is known to be an appetite suppressant and Basil (Occimus  ct: linalool) helps support  the nervous system, helping you establish a healthier lifestyle .

Cypress (Cupressus semprevirens)  is  good for boosting willpower and confidence, thereby helping you to create healthier relationships to food .

Crav New.jpg
Mem New.jpg


Uplifting and reviving Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is used to stimulate the brain and increase learning and memory.
Lemon (Citrus limon) is refreshing and mood boosting, and good for concentration.
Pine (Pinus silvestre) is cleansing, helping to clear the mind, increasing focus and a  sense of direction.


Contains a blend of oils to relieve and comfort when in physical pain.
Majoram Sweet has an analgesic and anti-spasmodic effect helping to unknot muscles
Corriander helps to reduce inflammation in joints, muscles and the digestive system. It also promotes better circulation and blood flow around the body.
Lemongrass helps to release physical tension in joints and muscles. It can also act as a natural antidepressant when in pain by uplifting the mood

Pain New.jpg

Our bespoke service and Bulk Purchase options for therapists

Available in a wide range of designs and fabrics


Bulk Purchase options

Our bulk purchase price lists can be accessed via the header bar button. Don't forget to check our Blog for details of any special discounted offers we might currently have available

Personalised fabric choices

We offer a large choice of fabrics including in your logo colours and give an undertaking not to reproduce any items in that fabric for a period of 3 months following your last  bulk order of min £100


Sole distributor rights

We can offer therapists sole distributor rights for an agreed area, for a period of three months after your last bulk order (min £100)


We offer our customers a bespoke choice from a wide range of fabrics on our full range of products. 
We also have a selection of our more popular products on sale in our Etsy shop just follow the links below.


Contact  Us

For any enquiries about our range of products and multi-buy offers, please get in touch by E-mail or via bagsoflavender on Facebook, Etsy or check out our Instagram page below.

Alternatively if you wish to discuss our options please just give us a phone call.

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Product reviews from a few of our lovely customers


Beautifully made lavender eye bag! I've been using it at the end of my yoga practice for my relaxation time and absolutely love ot. It smells wonderful and it's perfect for my 'Me' time.

Beatrice Pattenden

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