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Can I chill or freeze your items ?

All our Wheatbags are suitable for freezing and are an excellent alternative to a soggy bag of frozen peas!

They are great for recent bumps, bruises, sprains and strains and insect bites for the 1st 2-3 days and are very popular with mums of young children, sportsmen and women who like keep one in the freezer at all times .

Our Eye masks can be chilled if preferred and our Eye pillows chilled in the fridge or frozen in the freezer. As the Eye pillows are made from organic Flax seed they will not freeze solid.

Our chilled Eye Pillows are very popular for our customers who suffer from headaches and migraines and also allergies affecting the nose and eyes .

Please only warm your eye pillow in the microwave from room temperature, never frozen to avoid potential hot spots

Please save the plastic bag your Eye Pillow/Mask came in, for use in the fridge or freeze,r to avoid cross contamination of smells.

Our chilled /frozen Eye Pillows are also popular in hot weather for cooling down the body's core temp by placing on the chest or back of the neck.

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