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Q:Can a child use one of your Eye Pillows or Eye masks?

Eye masks :Any child over 4 years of age can use an Eye mask and we make these unscented if required and in a wide range of children's fabrics. (We cannot however stock Copyright fabrics e.g. Disney , football clubs, TV shows/films etc.) Sizes can be adjusted to suit

Eye masks

Eye Pillows : Our Eye pillows are also suitable from the age of 4 years and if your child attends Yoga classes , you may find them already being used in their Yoga class! We make these unscented if required and in a wide range of children's fabrics.If your child wishes to snooze with their Eye pillow in place, a soft stretchy headband will keep it gently in place. If your child suffers from any medical conditions please chat with us 1st as"Mrs Bags of Lavender" is a Registered Nurse .

Oils:Our 6 blended oils are not suitable for children under 18. We use the attached guidelines for suitable oils in children namely: Camomile, Lavender ,Sweet Orange and Rose. Peppermint is advised for occasional use only for headaches /sinus issues .

We prefer to not recommend Lavender oil items being used on a regular basis for young boy,s as there is some research suggesting its use may affect puberty

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