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Q:I have various medical conditions. How do I know if an item is suitable for me ?

Please feel free to pop us a confidential message as Chrissie (Mrs Bags of Lavender) is a qualified Registered Nurse with 40 years experience in the NHS and private sector ,within the community and hospitals. (She started her SRN training in 1979 at 18 years old , has a Diploma in Nursing, with additional Midwifery, Palliative care and Long Term Conditions qualifications and experience )

If in the unlikely event she cannot answer your query, she will advise you to seek additional medical advice

**As a point of note, we cannot recommend our Eye pillows for anyone suffering from LOW blood pressure or pulse rate . This is because the eye pillows can lower both further ,with the risk of dizziness/fall on standing . We also cannot offer advice on the use of our Eye pillows following any head trauma /brain lesions etc. Please speak to your GP before ordering.

We also ask you to consult your GP before ordering a Wheat bag if you suffer from any neurological condition whereby any sensation in your body is impaired e.g Stroke,M.S. Reynauds disease etc.**

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