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Q:What is in your products and where do you source them?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

We try very hard to use natural or organic products where ever possible and support other local or small businesses. We also love our frequent collaboration with other independent businesses and wellness providers !

All our fabrics ( with the exception of our fleece) are 100% cotton , linen or in some instances poly-cotton. We purchase from local fabric mills, local independent fabric shops on the High street and online from other small fabric supplier businesses. Even our threads are sourced locally

Wheatbags: Our Wheat bags are made from excellent quality organic microwavable safe Wheat from one local specialised UK farm source, containing no chafe or dust. Our calico is unbleached and sourced from one local fabric mill.

Eye pillows :The Flax seed in our Eye pillows in sourced from the same farm as our Wheatbags and is also of excellent quality

Eye masks . We use light padding in our Eye masks which currently is polyester based, but we are currently looking at alternative materials. Our elastics are sourced from another small business online

Lavender and Rose hanging bags . We use a mix of cotton (not always available) or polyester light "stuffing" for shape , along with organic dried lavender /rose petals. Our ribbons,embellishments and buttons are sourced locally or from other small businesses

Oils .We only use organic pure essential oils from businesses we trust and when ever possible from small independent suppliers. The oil blends that we currently use in our blended Eye pillows and Eye masks are from Emily at Autumn Blossoms Ltd (https://autumnblossoms.co.uk//)

Dried flowers. Sadly we cannot keep up with supply of our homegrown lavender for our orders! When we run out we purchase wholesale organic lavender from 2 lavender farms here in Yorkshire. Our dried organic Camomile flowers and Rose petals (which we crush by hand) are bought from other UK small independent businesses

Plant base . To give our customers good value for money regarding longevity of the scents, we use a little organic natural plant base in some of our Eye pillows and Eye masks to absorb and then slowly release the essential oils .We again buy this from one small UK independent company

Packaging .We use recycled paper whenever possible and at the moment have not yet found a environmentally friendly plastic type packaging- but this is a work in progress, Please feel free to message us if you can advise ! We need our products to be double wrapped (Royal Mail instructions) for posting and kept dry. Our plastic bags need to be able to keep moisture out an avoid cross contamination of smells for use in the fridge /freezer. At events we only use recycled paper bags when required.

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