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Question: Whats the difference between our Eye Pillows and Eye Masks

We make our Eye Pillows to the same specification as the are made in the Far East wher by they originate from

Our Eye Pillows consist of an 8 x 4 inch (approx) cotton or linen removable hand-washable cover . Inside is a specific therapeutically weighted cotton calico liner containing organic flax seed (no rice or wheat in ours!) They can be unscented or in one of our 5 single scents, or in one of 6 blends of essential oils. They are used to instigate the body's own relaxation reflex by light acupressure over the eyes to help with stress /anxiety symptoms and to enhance meditation. They are not designed to block out light and if wished can be kept in place using a soft stretchy headband. The scents can be refreshed by 2-3 drops of essential oil to the inner calico liner

(For more info as to how Eye pillows work for relaxation please see Eye pillows on this website)

Our Eye masks are lightweight, shaped masks to fit comfortably over the eyes using soft elastic. They have no seams, contain light padding and again can be scented as above. One side is patterned and one plain to distinguish between the side worn next to the eye -away from the essential oils . We can make bespoke smaller masks for the elderly/children . They are designed to block out light for shift workers , light mornings, travelling etc. They can be refreshed by 2-3 drops of essential oil to the patterned side away from the eyes

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