Price list & Bulk purchase options

We offer wholesale purchase discounts for therapists with a personalised choice of fabrics to suit your logo colours

Standard adult Wheat Bags £10.50

With removable cover add £4

Additional covers £8

Added Ribbons £4

Stay Mobile strapping £7

Standard Children's Wheat Bags £6.25

With removable cover £8.75

Additional/Spare cover £6

Fiddle bags

8 x 8 inch £12.50

with removable cover £16.50

6 x 6 inch £10.00

with removable cover £14.00

4 x 4 inch £8.00

(no removable cover option)

Standard Eye Pillows £9.50

Essential Oil Blend Eye Pillows £10.00 

Eye Masks £8.50

Bulk order discounts on core products (Excluding Fiddle Bags), with mix and match option.

5 or more items 10%

10 or more items 15%

15 or more items 20%

20 or more items 25%

An additional 2% off your order if all items are in the same fabric.

P&P costs are not included in discounts and are based on

Post Office UK second class delivery rates.


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